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USS Alliance
Technical Details

Odyssey Class




Beta Quadrant

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Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Rufus Walker

Executive Officer:

Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw

Second Officer:




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"Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power."
    —Robin Hold


In 2420, the USS Alliance is commissioned by Starfleet Command, to principally act as the flag bearer for Starfleet along the Federation/Klingon, Federation/Romulan and Klingon/Romulan borders. It’s primary mission is to undertake diplomatic activities to ensure the continued security of the United Federation of Planets, and its allies.

Kitted with the latest in advanced sensor technologies, the Alliance’s secondary mission is to undertake long range surveillance of key foriegn actors, both friendly and hostile.

Standing Orders[edit]

Starfleet Standing Orders

Exploration and Discovery - The USS Alliance will undertake, whenever the opportunity arises to further the knowledge of the Federation. Diplomacy and Security - The USS Alliance will undertake actions to ensure the ongoing security of the Federation, maintain good diplomatic relations with its allies and seek out contact with new civilisations.


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Detailed specifications for the Alliance can be located on the page for the Odyssey class.

A deck layout for the Alliance is located here.

Current Crew Manifest[edit]

We make every effort to keep this roster up to date, but the best way to see what positions are available is always on our site's roster.

Playing Characters[edit]

Commanding Officer Frontiers-o6.png Rufus Walker Nixon
Executive Officer File:Http:// Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw Bella
Second Officer File:Http:// Erin Quinn Nixon
Chief Helm Officer File:Http:// Bret Redfern Indi
Chief Operations Officer File:Y-blank1.png Vacant Apply here!
Chief Medical Officer File:Http:// Benjamin Lucas MD ScienceRobert
Chief Engineering Officer File:Http:// Zihisa Zatyl Taste The Rainbow