Memory Epsilon Homefront Timeline

Homefront Timeline

From Memory Epsilon

Until 2385, Star Trek: Homefront follows the television and movie canon for the Prime Timeline as well as selected novel canon from Memory Beta. (See: “Articles of the Federation”)


Starfleet commissions a fleet, under the command of Admiral Picard, to assist with the evacuation of Romulans from the blast radius of the impending Hobus supernova. Despite reluctance from the Romulan people, Picard begins evacuating large swathes to new colonies.

Mars is attacked by rogue synths. The Federation bans artificial lifeforms.

The Federation revokes its assistance to the Romulan Empire.

President Nanietta Bacco is assassinated by the Typhon Pact.


The newly-elected President, Relan Meru of Bajor, seeks to unite the worlds of the Federation and end growing tensions with the neighboring empires. On the evening of her inauguration, however, Relan is assassinated in the second successful assassination of a Federation President, and the second such assassination in 10 years.

Fleet Admiral Tony Sharma, Starfleet’s Commander-in-Chief, orders Starfleet to its highest level of alert since the synth attack in 2385. Border patrols are increased, and the ambassadors of all the major powers are recalled while the investigation takes place.

During the interim, Vice President Razkin of Trill holds office until a special election can be conducted to elect a new president.

In the past ten years, the Romulan Empire has fragmented following the supernova, while cyberneticists from various empires saw their life’s works wiped out following the crackdown on artificial life. Tensions with the Federation have risen because of this.

Relations with the Klingon Empire are now strained, and the revived Cardassian Union is looking to expand its borders despite some groups splintering off.

Meanwhile, the reformed Ferengi Alliance has resorted to its own profiteering ways, while the Typhon Pact continues to pose a significant risk. The Tzenkethi especially have taken recent chaos as a chance to attack Earth’s colonies near the border.

The Federation struggles to maintain control as border allies, long frustrated with the “Core Worlds First” philosophy, begin to doubt there is any benefit to remaining in the UFP. This attitude follows the twenty years since the end of the Dominion War, and all the subsequent crises and humanitarian and rebuilding efforts that have sapped much of the Federation’s resources despite its continued mantra of there being enough for everyone.